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Work Hard, Have a Plan and SHOW YOUR PASSION!

Work Hard, Have a Plan and SHOW YOUR PASSION!

Make no mistake, you need to be an elite athlete to receive a scholarship to play in college. Only a small percentage of high school athletes have the talent, skills and work ethic to achieve this goal. Talent is not enough,

You need to need to have a plan,

  • Consistently work hard at your sport

  • Keep your grades up

  • Create relationships

  • *Have a system to market yourself.

*This is where a Recruiting Profile Website from AthletesGoing2College can help.

Your Recruiting Profile Website is your online Resume that is accessible to college coaches and recruiters 24/7.

What’s on a Recruiting profile website:

  • Player Bio and contact info

  • Player skill videos, photos

  • Player travel ball and High school teams

    • Season and event schedules*,

    • Coach contact info.

*You create a google calendar with events that will be streamed into your website

  • Player performance data such as pitching velocity, bat exit speed, catcher pop times, base running times, OnDeck ODM numbers and Allister index, etc.

  • Player Accomplishments, Awards and Recognition

  • Personal statement by the athlete

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