Sehren Martinez | 2023 | MIF/UT
Softball Recruiting Profile

Sehren Mary-Kaur Martinez

Grad Year: 2023

DOB: 03/2005

Home Town: Ceres


Phone #: 209-872-0122

Parents: John & Ranjit Martinez

Phone #: 209-602-8294


Main Sport: Fastpitch Softball


Sorcerer Gabales/Rodriguez 18G

Location: Lodi, CA

Jersey Number: 5

Primary Position: MIF

Secondary Position: Utility

Height: 5’6″

Weight: 130

Bats: Right

Throws: Right

Co-Head Coach: Paulie Gabales

Phone: (209)-607-2062


Co-Head Coach: Joey Rodriguez

Phone: 408-391-9571


Sorcerer Website:

Hitting and Defensive Coach: Melissa Wooldridge

Phone: 209-595-7674


Conditioning Trainer: Bonsu Elite Athletics

Bonsu Elite Athletics

Phone: (209) 247-2695


Sehren's Summer Schedule

Athletic Awards/Accomplishment/Recognition:

School: Ceres High School

School Address: 2320 Central Ave., Ceres CA 95307

Grade: 10th

Current GPA: 4.0

Cum GPA: 3.8

Other School Sports Played: Soccer

Academic Awards and Recognition:

Principal Honor Roll

Varsity Softball Coach: Mike Corsaut

Phone: 209-552-9186


Athletic Awards/Accomplishment/Recognition:

  • 2023 Elite Position Rankings, # 18

  • Sehren was ranked # 18 for 2023 Elite Position Rankings

  • 2023 Extra Innings Elite 100 Player Rankings , (#86)

  • Sehren was ranked #86 in the Top 100 2023s.


Ever since I picked up a softball, I knew all I wanted to do was play and not look back. I always strive to be a better me. Not just softball and my athletics, but in my academics and being a good person. Every time I step on the field I use it to do the best of my ability to play the game I LOVE, “BALLS OUT”. This game has given me the opportunity to travel, make lifelong friendships, develop communication and leadership skills, both mental and physical strength, and the lists goes on. My dream is to compete against the best of the best at the highest level possible and I’ll continue to work until I achieve this goal

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Phone #: 209-872-0122

Parents: John & Ranjit Martinez

Phone #: 209-602-8294


Pray – Set Goals – Make a Plan – Work Hard – Succeed – Thank God – Stay Humble

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