Anna Jardin | 2023 | RHP | 1B | 3B
Softball Recruiting Profile

Anna Jardin

Grad Year: 2023

DOB: 2/05

Home Town: Wilsonville, OR


Phone # 503-764-6512

Parents: Lana Campbell, Mike Jardin

Phone # 541-274-9834


Main Sport: Softball

Travel Team: Sorcerer Williams 18u Gold

Team Location: Pleasanton California

Jersey Number: 91

Primary Position: RHP

Secondary Position(s): 1B/3B

Height: 5’9″

Weight: 155

Bats: Right

Throws: Right

Head Coach: Mike Williams

Phone: 925-918-2086


Co-Head Coach: Jenny Williams

Phone: 925-918-2635


Assistant Coach: Max Allman

Phone: 510-828-6864


Org website:



2021 Summer Schedule

January – TBD – Practice or Tourney – Local or Phoenix

February – TBD – Practice or Tourney – Local or Phoenix

June 5 – 6 – TBD

June 11 – 13 – Zoom into June West Covina, CA

June 19 – 20 – TBD

June 26 – 27 – TBD

June 30 – July 4 Independence Day Tournament Boulder, CO

July 10 – 11 – TBD

July 12 – 16 – Triple Crown USA Nationals Chino Hills, CA

July 23 – 31 – PGF National Championships Huntington Beach, CA


All Games Streamed Live and archived on AthletesGoLive

Sorcerer 18G Williams

You may also log onto AGL#6460 for Sorcerer 18G Williams (SORC)


  • School: Wilsonville High School

  • Address: 6800 SW Wilsonville Rd, Wilsonville, OR

  • Grade: 10th

  • Current GPA: 4.1

  • Other School Sports Played: Volleyball, Swim Team

Academic Awards or Recognition

  • Future Medical Leaders Of America Congress Member 2020/21

  • DC USA Civic Competition Team 2019

  • National Freshman Honor Roll,

  • Advanced Invite National Honor Choir,

  • President’s Education Award 2019,

  • Battle of the books national team award, “We The People” Washington DC Civics invitational Team Award 4th place

  • National Civic Awareness In Education Award.

Athletic Awards/Accomplishment

  • 2020 PGF Coastal Cup champions

  • 2020 PGF National spotlight champions

  • 2020 USA 16u Gold Nationals

  • 2019 1st place PGF surf city

  • 2019 1st place PGF qualifiers (solo pitcher)

  • 2019 MVP NAFA Nationals

  • 2018 2nd place USA Nationals

  • 2018 USSSA direct select

  • 2018 starting pitcher USA All America team OKC

  • 2017 Oregon ASA Regionals Championship – 4th Place

  • 2017 MVP NAFA Nationals

  • 2017 11U Pitcher Select Florida USA Elite National USSSA Team

  • 2017 USA All American Games Oklahoma – Select Alternate Pitcher/1st Base

  • 2016 ASA 10A Nationals – Stockton, CA 3rd Place

  • 2016 NAFA National Championships 2nd Place – Awarded Tournament MVP

  • Award for pitching nine games (six on championship day) through the lower bracket to come back and help lead our team to a 2nd place finish with a final score of 1-2. (solo pitcher)

  • 2016 ASA 10A Oregon State Championship-3rd Place (solo pitcher)

Personal Statement

I started playing softball non-competitively around 10 years old. Before my 11th birthday I had definitely fallen in love with the game and I moved into a more club and competitive atmosphere. By age 11, I was starting to talk to more coaches out of state and decided to play for Universal Fastpitch and Batbusters, both of my 12u years. I am not a stranger to hard work and adversity. Having lacerated my right kidney completely in half at 11, it took more than a year of hard work and recovery before I could even step on the field again. Once I did start back to softball, it took many hours of hard work and practice to catch up. Everything I endured during that experience made me stronger and more determined as a player and even more so as a person. One thing that gives me a great feeling of accomplishment in softball, is throwing that “best pitch” on a strikeout. I also really enjoy playing first base, stopping any balls that get near me, stretching and getting those outs. My goal is to play collegiate softball and help my coach and team win regionals, super regionals and a Women’s College World Series Championship! I know I may be young but I’m working hard for my goals and for my future as an athlete. Now that softball is back in the Olympics, I hope to win a Gold Medal for our country one day. I also play volleyball and swim on team for my High School. I like to sing and dance. I love all animals! In my free time I enjoy friends, swimming in the river, reading, spending time with family, hiking, and training agility with my dogs. My dad and mom both played multiple sports in high school. My dad played basketball and baseball and lettered in both sports. My mom was a dancer in high school and college and worked very hard on and off the dance floor multiple hours a week. My mom also played basketball and softball and lettered in both. Two of my siblings played softball, baseball, basketball and did swimming in High School. I enjoy volunteering at the animal rescue, youth volunteer coaching, library tutoring, earth day clean up and many more. I also earned a spot on the USA All American team in 2018 as their starting pitcher, where we played in Oklahoma. This was an amazing experience, especially being able to play on the Oklahoma softball world series fields. I hope to play on those fields as a college softball player in my future. I have other softball achievements listed in my profile. As a 4.0 student, I am on the National Honor Roll. I earned a spot on and competed in the Washington DC National “We the People” Civic Competition in 2019, where I traveled with 30 kids to Washington DC and our team took 4th place. I have completed three years of Spanish and take Spanish lessons, two days per week. I was nominated and earned a spot on the 2021 Young Doctors of America Congress, where I will serve out this year as a representative of high school students throughout the US who are pursuing careers in medicine. I love the game of softball and it has taught me so much about hard work, perseverance and teamwork. This sport has helped shape who I am today and makes putting in the constant effort and time to become a better athlete, student of the game, teammate and person fun and exciting. My goal is to play in college and beyond and to be a vital and active part of any team I play on.

Anna’s Contact Info


Phone #: 503-764-6512

Set Goals – Make a Plan – Work Hard – Succeed – Stay Humble

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