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About AG2C

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About AG2C

At AthletesGoing2College we specialize in Recruiting Profile Websites as a marketing tool for the student athlete who has the goal to play sports in college.

Having your own Recruiting Profile Website has never been easier.

Just complete the online form with your info, upload photos and links to your videos on youtube.com and we will build it out your website. Even better is that we maintain and update your website anytime you need it. Send us schedule updates, new stats or info, new photos and videos anytime and we will take care of the rest.

We also develop and maintain websites for sport teams, sport organizations and sports academies. 

We are active in Social Media with the goal of giving our athletes positive recognition and exposure by flooding the social networks with good vibes, sportsmanship and positive energy.

 We celebrate the student athlete and support sports for life.

Pray – Set Goals – Make a Plan – Work Hard – Succeed – Thank God – Stay Humble